5 things you didn’t know about Punta Cana

You've probably heard about Punta Cana because it is gaining popularity among the Caribbean must-go-to destinations.

If you’re planning your vacation and you’re looking for more reasons to why you should pick this wonderful place, here are some facts that most people don’t know about Punta Cana.

#1 – Celebrities love it here

It’s a well kept secret that celebrities love Punta Cana. In Punta Cana, celebrities can find the most exclusive and luxurious hotels that the Caribbean has to offer. The list of celebrities that come to Punta Cana for a retreat in paradise, includes A-list names that range from Beyonce and Jay-Z to the Clinton family.

#2 – It’s a world-class golf destination

If you’re a serious golfer, you might find in Punta Cana a few those “Bucket List Courses” that any golfer dream about. Oceanside courses sound like the perfect excuse to take the family on a trip to the Caribbean while you spend your days on the green!

#3 – The legal drinking age is 18

Yes, The legal drinking age in Dominican Republic is 18. This means that if you’re traveling with teens and are staying at a all-inclusive hotel, you might not want them to consume alcohol… In this case, you have to make sure that during the check-in, they get a non-drinking bracelet. Otherwise, party on!

#4 – The Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet in Punta Cana

That’s right! This means that you can visit beaches that are totally different from one another in the same area. Want to have a different experience? Go on tours outside of your hotel and visit nearby islands to get a glimpse of the huge diversity you will find on the surroundings.

#5 – It’s actually Bavaro, not Punta Cana

Let’s not get confused here… Punta Cana is the municipal district near the Punta Cana airport and its surroundings but most hotels and beaches are actually located in Bavaro, Macao or Uvero Alto. So why do we locals call the entire province Punta Cana? Simply because of the influence of the Airport, most people know the area by Punta Cana, it’s also easier to remember and to pronounce. If you really want to get a good idea of the different areas of this destination, check out a map! You might find it useful when negotiating a taxi fare, and will surprise some locals in the meantime.