5 things you must know about Samana

Samaná meets the Atlantic Ocean in the northeastern part of the Dominican Republic. Here you have a list of 5 things you must know about this amazing destination.

#1- Samaná is a natural treasure with coves, bays, waterfalls, mountains and awe-inspiring views. There is lots to explore and it’s known for its wading and body-boarding beaches, nature trekking and whale-watching.

#2- Samaná is one of the breeding places of the humpback whale. Thousands of humpback whales come to the coast off Samaná from January to March to mate and give birth.

#3- Among its features are protected islands that serve as nesting sites for pelicans and frigate birds, caves with pre-Columbian pictographs and petroglyphs, and mangroves.

#4- The famous Bacardi island (cayo levantado) is only 4 Miles away from the Port of the town of Samana. This name came from an advertising campaign done for the Bacardi rum that made the island famous.

#5- Samana has one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the caribbean. Located in Las Galeras (province of Samana) Rincon beach offers the most stunning contrasta between mountain and sea with kilometers of beautiful white sand in between.